The 2019 Kim Winey Photography Re-boot Weekend Workshop

The workshop you didn't know you needed, but you do.  Especially if you're a photographer, but even if you're not.

January 18-21


And thanks for showing an interest in the very first Kim Winey Photography Weekend Workshop for Women!  


For many, January is that slow but refreshing month when we take a look back to see what we've done well and what we could do better. Then we make plans to improve... or at least that's what we hope for!  Social media, personal projects, and needy cats can sometimes distract us, making it difficult to even get things started.

The Reboot Weekend Workshop was designed to help!  

Our goal is to bring ladies together in a cozy environment, away from distractions, where we can get a jump start on revamping our businesses and ourselves!

The focus of this wintry gathering will be:

*To reboot ourselves by focusing on multi-layered self-care practices.

*To plan and begin working on our business objectives for the upcoming year, via website reviews, reflection points, and calendar-based planning (just to name a few).

*To laugh, share and support one another.  And to (hopefully, possibly, probably!) form lifelong connections & friendships with one another!  

While this workshop is ideal for professional photographers, all women who are in need of a reboot are welcome! 

About the Location

We've found a sweet & charming cottage just outside of Lancaster City, PA for our gathering place.

There are several beds in the house, so if you're traveling and need a place to stay, you're more than welcome to sleep over, at no extra charge.  Beds will be on a first come first serve basis, air mattresses are also permitted.  If you're local and prefer to go home each evening, we will miss you, but we understand the value of sleeping in your own bed.  

Also, food is Kim's love language.  So, please feel free to join us for some family-style meals, snacks, and sweet treats!   

About Kim Winey, or "bosswoman" as her phone likes to call her~

On the business side:  In 2018, Kim celebrated her eighteenth year as a professional photographer.  Through the years, her focus has included portrait photography, wedding photography, styled sessions, and photojournalism. Currently, she is thrilled to be specializing in "Unconventional Photography Experiences for Exceptional Childlike Creatures".

Kim's photos have appeared in Life Beautiful Magazine, The Knot, Happenings Magazine, Susquehanna Style Magazine, Elizabeth Anne Designs Blog, Fabulously Wed Blog, Yip Yap Girl, Evoking You, In Beauty and Chaos, Love Photographs Beautifully, Shoot & Share, Seasons of Lancaster, as well as several other magazines, blogs, and newspapers. Additionally, Kim has volunteered her skills for a variety of church, school, & charity events, as well as, Brooke Shaden's Promoting Passion Convention.  Kim has also been the master photography teacher and photographer for The Lamplighter Guild for the Creative Disciplines, for the past eight years.

While photography continues to be at the forefront of her business, each year Kim embraces more mentoring and teaching opportunities.  She offers one on one mentoring, "live-in-ternships", online lessons, photo critiques, website reviews, "Bootcamps" and as you know... new in 2019 - weekend workshops!.  

On the personal side:  Kim is married to an amazing man, with the tragic name of Fred.  She has a 19-year-old, sweet & talented son, whose beard growing skills are the envy of many.  She loves them both as much as chocolate.

Together, they have a dog named Angel, a cat named Taz(manian devil) and a new, almost one-eyed cat, named Odin.  *Edit: Odin has been upgraded to a new cat- named Freya. 

Outside of photography, Kim loves Jesus, people, creating, eating, yardening, learning, teaching and doing.  She does not love wet feet, cleaning, being cold, being hungry or paying taxes.  And she finds writing in the third person to be awkward, but admittedly effective.  

And about those other things...

In addition to the aforementioned goodies, we will also be having some very special guests and an outing during our weekend workshop!

Jessica Butler ~ 30 Minute Massages

Massage therapist (and photographer), Jessica Butler, will be giving each attendee a 30 minute massage, during our weekend workshop. (!!!)

*While this IS actually Jessica and we DO have a stream behind our cottage, massages will not be taking place outside, due to the whole January in Pennsylvania thing. 

Also, if you would like to hire Jessica for additional massage time, we can make that happen!  

Anna Bruce ~ "The Book of Happy"

Joining us virtually from Colorado, photographer and teacher, Anna Bruce, will be sharing the inspiration and techniques behind her "Book of Happy"!

Paper, pens, scissors, printers, books, and time will be provided to work on our creations throughout the weekend.

Each attendee will have a "Book of Happy" to take home! 

Seasons of Lancaster ~ A Tasting Party

What better way to practice "good sense" than with a trip to a foodie store? Here, we will learn how to truly savor and enjoy, via our taste buds!

Weather permitting, on Sunday, we will all head to Seasons of Lancaster, an oil and vinegar taproom, for a tasting party!

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